Dress care tips:


Dance Dress without rhinestones or decorations:
dress without any decoration can be washed by machine with temperature below 30 degrees. Please aviod mixed-washing it with your own white or light colour clothes. Some of the colors might come off and diluted with your other clothing. Better to wash it by hands with mild soap in cold water to keep it in good condition.

Dance Dress with decorations – rhinestones/sequins/beads/feathers:
Only spot-clean by brush when necessary, and NEVER WASH them directly with water in order to keep the best condition of the dress.

* DO NOT dry clean or machine wash your dress.
* Keep your dress in a dry place.
* You can hang your dress in the bathroom while you taking a hot bath, the steam will do the job itself and can help to remove the wrinkles of the dress and also smell of the dress easily.
* The best way is to use the stand steamer like the photo above for removing the wrinkle and smell of the dress after wearing everytime.


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